Music for Michael

Each week, the Media Profile staff puts together a blog post with their music picks for the week.

This week their blog post goes out to our dear friend and colleague Michael O’Connor Clarke. They hope this post lifts his spirits and lets him know that we have his back. Here’s to the handsome man with the goatee.

Michael and I have very different tastes in music, and I mean that in the best possible way. I completely respect and understand his music taste and just wish I knew more of what he loves. This one’s for you MOCC, because I know you love it and I respect it.  – @gingershewell

I realize this is a Christmas song but I’m picking it anyway. Fairytale of New York provides a chain reaction of happiness for me, no matter what season I hear it in. That chain goes as follows: Christmas -> Christmas in Ireland -> Irish people -> revelry-loving, hilarious and familiar Irish people I know -> Michael. And there’s no one I’d rather listen to an out-of-season Christmas song with than our Michael. – @anniehennessey

As a boy, I thought punk rock meant spiked Mohawks, leather jackets and a lot of flipping the bird. As a man, I learned that punk rock means being unapologetically you. MOCC taught me that. – @alensadeh

Old-school rock revivalists The Sheepdogs bring you pure unabashed rock music with a great melody and groove. This song sounds so familiar, borrowing bits from CCR and other vintage Southern rock, yet still holds its own in 2012. Goddamn, it’s a good time. Just like working with MOCC. – @mcortellucci

I had a great evening with MOCC earlier this year when we saw someone we both adore completely. Paul Weller has 30 plus years of incredible music to choose from, but this rare B-side particularly thrilled MOCC that evening. Here it is again, this time with Noel Gallagher. – @johnthibodeau

And finally, we have a bonus pick, which is a very special pick to Michael, and frankly, to all of us. Michael speaks often of the ways in which this classic rock band moved him like no music had ever before. He has a very special spot in his bleeding Irish heart for these prolific legends of the stage, so without further ado…

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